I’m an English photographer living on the Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire border. Most of my work is based in and around the Chiltern Hills, which is an area of outstanding natural beauty that stretches across several counties.

Living near to the Chiltern Hills, I am surrounded by some magnificent woodland. You can probably tell trees are a favourite subject of mine. From a lone tree in a field to a woodland full of tangled branches, I love their individual character and the challenge of finding order in what can be a chaotic scene. I also visit Scotland and Cumbria once a year and have also taken many pictures of The South Coast, Norfolk, and Suffolk.

I enjoy photography as it takes me to places that I would probably not normally visit. It allows me to see hidden beauty in things other people would pay little attention to. I try and go out with my camera pretty much every day, even if it is only for about half an hour. For me, mornings are my chosen time of day. I like the peace and sense of being alone. Working before the sun is up or very low in the sky, I find the quality of the light is totally different from other times of the day. Working early in the morning also can offer other magical elements like frost, mist, and fog.

I use mirrorless digital cameras and medium format film cameras to capture my images. I prefer to get it right in the camera with the aid of filters and careful composition, rather than spending hours in front of a computer editing and manipulating my images.