Choosing my Favourites Images

A insight into me Choosing the images each Month.

I’m hoping to continue choosing my favourite images from other photographers throughout 2017. I am constantly impressed by the enormous amount of wonderful images that I see daily. But with this amount of images it is easy for some of them to get lost. By sitting down and choosing three images it gives me a chance to catch up and take some time to look at the talent out there and look at their images in more detail. It also gives me a change to say well done to the photographer and will hopefully mean something to them too.

I thought I would give you some insight how I make some of the decisions, as sometimes I see some images which I would like to include but can not. It might also tell you why I have not choosen one of your images in the past.

Some Rules

All of the images need to be posted on Flickr as this monthly selection started as a set of Flickr galleries. I will continue to grow these galleries along with the monthly blog post. So I need to be able to add the image to a gallery. There is the option to stop people from adding your images into galleries in the Flickr settings, so if you have this turned on I can not use your image.

Another option in the Flickr settings that prevents me from using images is the “Allow others to share your stuff” option. If this option is set to no, I can not embed your image in my blog post. All of the blog posts need to link back to the photographers Flickr page. I feel it would be very wrong for me to make screen grabs of any image and then post it to my blog. I have seen plenty of images with this option set to no and would have chosen them as probably the number one image. But I respect that they do not want others using their image in their blog posts.

Sometimes I also need to double check whether the image was taken in the month that I am working from. Images that are not obviously from that month or have their exif data disabled will sometime get put to one side if I can not be sure that they were taken that mouth. Again I understand some photographers like to hide their exif data, which I totally respect.

Apart from those rules that’s about it. Interacting with me on Flickr or Twitter is going to give you a big advantage. I like to look through a couple of groups like Doug Chinnery’s natural landscapes and the private UK Twitter Togs group. But apart from them I just take some time looking through your photostreams and picking out the ones I like. Sometime I will make a list of the ones I like as I see them in the month or just sit down and make a selection when the month is over.

Keep up the good work everyone, I look forward to seeing what you capture in 2017.

Flickr Faves December 2016


Each month I pick three of my favourite images and group them together in a gallery on Flickr. The full collection of these galleries can be found here. These are my favourites from December. A little insight on how I pick these images can be found here.

Plantation – by Michael Gibbs

Plantation 051216/01

This is a super image by Michael that lets your imagination run wild. I have stood next to Michael and watched him build up these layers of exposures to create something magical.
This image really draws you into it with the tunnel effect from the surrounding arch and the light from behind the trees in the background. Very inspiring work Michael well done.

Midwinter – by Cathryn Baldock


Another beautiful multiple exposure from Cathryn filled with golden light and refections. It looks like a little world in the sky with a heavenly floating feeling. I really like the line of trees at the bottom, and how there is no real up or down.

A Glimmer of Hope – by Karl Mortimer

A glimmer of hopeThis is a rather melancholic image from Karl, but it has the feeling of reaching out towards  better things. I like the central position of the main branch and how it separates out in all directions. That velvety green moss and the few orange leaves add a nice touch of colour too. Oak trees are always such interesting trees with their contorted branches, Karl has framed this one perfectly.

Flickr Faves November 2016

PHOTOGRAPHERS November 2016.

Each month I pick three of my favourite images and group them together in a gallery on Flickr. The full collection of these galleries can be found here. These are my favourites from November.

View – by Matt Oliver

ViewThe purchase of my Hasselblad a few months ago has fuelled my love of the 1:1 ratio, and this image from Matt is perfectly composed for the square format. I love the earthy tones that Matt has captured here, and the light is beautifully soft giving it a slight painterly feel. I still have not managed to visit any of the edges in the Peak District yet. But seeing images like this makes me want to get up there soon.

The Ghost Tree – By Darren ciolli leach

The Ghost TreeAs you know I’m rather partial to a photo containing some trees, and Darren has
captured a beauty here. I really like how the bright tree stands out against the
surroundings. The speckled yellow leaves on the right are wonderful too.

Autumn’s Finallè – BY Dave Fieldhouse

Autumn's FinallèDave really did strike it lucky here with this shot. All of the elements have come together perfectly. I’m sure these are the conditions that every landscape photographer dreams of. I probably should not use the word luck, as I’m sure careful planning, knowing the location and patience all played a large part here. Whichever it was it certainly is a beauty.

Well done Matt, Darren and Dave.


Flickr Faves October 2016


I know what your probably thinking this is going to be full of misty autumn woodland.
I have seen plenty of nice examples including a few that haven’t made it onto Flickr yet. But surprisingly only one misty tree features here and it has no leaves.

Each month I pick three of my favourite images and group them together in a gallery on Flickr. The full collection of these galleries can be found here.

Shingle Street 08/10/16 – By Matthew Dartford

Shingle Street 08/10/16I have seen plenty of great images from this location, but I think Matthew has managed to capture one of the best. I really like the way the image looks almost monochrome, then you see that patch of light on the shingle in front of the houses. Matthew’s choice of shutter speed is also very nice, just enough to smooth the water but still retaining some shape to the clouds.

SINISTER – By Neil Burnell

Mist and a old gnarled looking tree is always going to go down well with me. But what I like most about this image is all the birds. The one that has just left the branch with its wings spread out, makes this image special for me.

Spectral – by David Ball


Another great black and white shot with some lovely misty conditions. David has captured some lovely reflections and atmosphere here. I look at this and think it looks like a castle in the sky.

Well done Matthew, Neil and David.



Flickr Faves September 2016

My three favourite pictures by other
photographers September 2016.

Since January this year, I have been adding my three favourite images from other photographers into a Flickr gallery. The plan has always been to add them here, and write a little something about why I like them so much. I will continue to create the galleries, but hope to make them more of a thing here.

Holme Fell I – By Dylan NardiniHolme Fell I

Having visited Home Fell myself for the first time this year, this picture instantly took me back to my visit there. Dylan has captured the rugged beauty of the location perfectly. The colour palette is spot on and I particular like how the light is lighting up the grass and the birch trees. The light also draws your eyes nicely through the scene too toward the mountainous background moody sky.

Across the Moor – Darren Ciolli-Leach

across the Moor

Darren’s work has featured in my favourites a few times this year and I’m sure this one will not be the last. He certainly does have a great eye for a good image. This image was certainly an instant like for me. I love the misty back drop and the feeling of isolation. The image is perfectly composed making me want to walk up that path into the mist.

Misty cobwebby morning in the woodland yesterday – Shona Grant

Unfortunately I am not able to embed Shona’s image here, as she has the feature disabled on Flickr, but it can be viewed here. I think it is wonderful image full of interest and nice features. The mist works wonders to soften the background and make the shapes of the trees stand out. I know Shona shares my love of trees and that really shows here.

A big well done to Dylan, Darren and Shona.